About Us

With offices based in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Sydney, Clickstarpics.com serves as an online, digital distribution, embed platform for celebrity content. The business model is based on a tiered subscription package, with price points for everyone from the bedroom Celebrity gossip blogger to multinational media companies.

Our Platform and license partners offer:
Unlimited storage/bandwidth/photo size at no cost
Very low admin - granular reports: everything from revenue to usage to performance.
Track every image view (impression) on any device
Email alerts matching buyers' keywords
Robust unnoticeable watermarking detects "screen-grabs"
Policing: scan 000's of websites an hour; on infringement discovery issue takedown notice and/or subscription offer.
Under Digital Millennium Copyright Act:
Google 10s millions URL takedowns (most identified manually)
Exclusive license partner issued 1 million + URL takedowns in the past 4 month.