The world has changed we now stream TV, movies and music however pictures have been stuck in the dark ages for too long!

Subscribe to to give yourself the ability to manage your image and editorial library without needing large storage and expensive editing software. Your subscription gives you free use of our online editing tools! No longer do you need to waste time and money downloading the image, editing it on photoshop and then re-uploading it to your server so you can make your magazine or blog look good. You no longer have to worry about breaking copyright laws either or being sued for using an image online that you shouldn't as our system will not allow the image to be downloaded and distributed.

Our imaging software has the very latest pictures hosted live from around the world, we will also be hosting exclusive images that you can't get anywhere else. Our technology means you get the best pictures as soon as they are taken, and you can now blog live about what is happening here and now. The best part is you no longer have to pay expensive prices to download images our subscription prices mean you only pay for what your users view. Our base line subscription starts at 12.99 per month this allows you to use any of the millions of images stored on our servers and until they are viewed more the 25,000 times this is all you pay. Only when your audience increases does your subscription increase, as soon as you get close to 90% of your view limit you will receive a notification email allowing you to simply subscribe to the next level package, hopefully with your image views and audience growing so will your income revenue!

We offer packages for every type of user, wether you are a school magazine or a local blogger to professional online publishing house we have a package to suit you.

Blogger Subscriptions

Image Views 25k 60k 250k 500k 1m
Base (Blogger) £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m
Additional Domains £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m
Immediate Access
Next Day

Professional Subscriptions

Image Views 10m 25m 50m 100m
Base (Professional) £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m
Additional Domains £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m £ p/m
Immediate Access
Next Day

Keep your image costs under control with Clickstarpics usage pricing. Our pricing is based on Image Impressions, i.e. the total number of image views on your website each month irrespective of the number of images you use. If you serve 1 image a million times or 1,000 images 1,000 times each you pay the same.


The 25k image view per month is our entry level Subscription plan. You get up to 25,000 Image Views and unlimited access to our ever-growing image library for images that are 48 hours or older.If you're not sure where to start choose a Subscription plan closest to what you need.  If you over-run; don't worry we'll only charge you pro-rata with the appropriate Subscription plan rate. Ideal for bedroom bloggers and celebrity start up sites. For use on one domain only.


Add another Domain or sub-Domain to your Subscription if you are going to use images on more than one website within your organisation then take advantage of our discounted rates. Ideal for those with websites across multiple territories, languages or brands under the same organisation.

Immediate Access

Whether it's a red carpet event in Hollywood or the hottest street celebrity images in London, Clickstarpics prides itself on delivering instant access to the freshest images around. You'll want to add this to your Subscription if you just have to have instant access to the latest uploads. Switch on your Image Alerts and be one of the first to get access to the latest image uploads from our Sellers!Quite simply the best Subscription plan for professionals.

Next Day

Not quite Immediate, but still a great option. Add this if you can wait 24 hours to get the hottest images around.

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Common Questions

How do I upgrade my account?

Log into your Clickstarpics account and click the 'My Packages' menu tab and then choose Add New Package. When you have completed the upgrade an email confirmation will be sent to you. The upgrade takes effect immediately and will be added to your My Packages list.

Can I cancel my account?

Absolutely! You can cancel your Subscription at any time, but your account will continue to function until the end of the period to which you are subscribed. Once the Subscription period expires, there will be no automatic renewal of your Subscription and there will be no further charges. In plain English, you can cancel midway through your monthly contract, but you won't get any money back for the month period you're subscribed to.

If you have more questions about Subscriptions, just send us an email to

How many images can I access?

There is no limit! You get immediate access to our full library of millions of celebrity images.

Are there usage limitations?

Absolutely Not! If you signed up for our low-cost Base entry-level Subscription, for example, and you discover you're likely to exceed the 250,000 image views for the month, we will let you know in good time and encourage you to move up to the next level.

More questions

Get in touch We will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have about Clickstarpics.