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Turn Your Celebrity Content Into Cash

Want to earn money for your celebrity content? Do you already submit to Celebrity photo agencies, but want to learn more?

Here we offer up 10 tips and tricks to take the perfect celebrity image.

1. Social Media and Online Tools.

Check out on Facebook and twitter the trending topics? Who are the most influential people in the spotlight this week? What causes do they believe in? What issues are controversial?

2. The Newsstand.

Scan the latest headlines, check the women's weekly magazines. Who is making the headlines? Who has become fat? Who has become thin? Who is getting married?!

3. Blogs.

Check out the biggest celebrity blogs. From to TMZ, Celebrity blogs drive some of the highest traffic on the internet and will nearly always break stories before newspapers and magazines.

4. Fashion.

What models and looks were popular in this year's fashion shows? What styles are popular, which designers are hot.

5. Technology.

What are the coolest new gadget trends on the technology blogs? What types of products and technology are being worn by the celebrities Who's got the coolest new iPhone or wearable tech!?

6. The Calendar.

What are the anticipated news, social, and celebrity events that are coming up this month!? Everything from the soap awards to Royal engagements should be covered.

7. Make your pictures tell a story. If you catch a celebrity in a compromising situation (cheating on a spouse, doing drugs, shoplifting, etc.), you've got pure gold. Photos of less damning activities can also be valuable. Getting the first picture of a celebrity baby, or simply catching a celebrity behaving in a way that is out of the ordinary, could earn great money when selling the photos.

8. Connect with the world through With access to millions of bloggers and online media houses across the globe, Clickstarpics can guarantee maximum exposure for all of your content.

9. Timing is everything! Get your pictures into the market as quickly as possible. The longer you sit on a photograph the less valuable it becomes, because either others will have taken similar photos or it becomes "old news." Upload your photos immediately to and we'll get them into the market immediately.

And finally, this deserves it's own topic!


Keywording should be part of your workflow. Your images will sell better if you put a little extra effort into writing accurate keywords, and lots of them!

Here are a few hints and tips to make the most from keywording

Think like an image buyer. Picture the person most likely to download your image (blogger, picture editor). Think about which words they'd type to find an image like yours. Get specific. Use 25 to 45 accurate keywords, It might be tempting to upload all of the images from a single shoot and label them all with a list of identical keywords. However, if you put in a little more time to write precise keywords for each image, you'll see better sales.

Make your titles and descriptions unique. Titles should be succinct, punchy, and descriptive of exactly what's seen in the image. Make the title as accurate and unique as possible. For example, if you have two images of David Beckham, don't give them both a title of "David Beckham." "David Beckham Warming Up" and "David Beckham Waves At Fans" will help differentiate the photos.